Responsive Web Design

Development with Marketing in Mind

We believe web design should go much further than a collection of pretty images on a monitor. While the aesthetic appearance of a site is very important (and trust us, it’ll look great), there is still a shortage of web designers that take the broad scope of your online marketing campaigns & efforts into account. A web site should communicate much more than just beauty. It should promote a personal connection with a company’s brand, intricate with the social media campaign. It should be optimized for the maximum visibility in search engines like Google. Landing pages should be constantly tested for conversion goals, and the site should look just as great on a phone or tablet as it does on a desktop computer.

We build websites with our clients’ most important goals in mind, and we will revise and test constantly until you are completely satisfied. As a bonus we’re online marketing experts at SYT Digital, so your site won’t just be slapped on and thrown back to you. It will be designed with intricate detail and tested until we feel like the site has reached its maximum online visibility potential. Your customers will love your new site as much as you do, and they’ll keep coming back.

E-Commerce Development

Do you have a website that gets thousands of hits per day but isn’t set up for customers to purchase products on-site? You’re missing out on a big opportunity.

Buying products and placing orders online is becoming the new norm, and if your site sells products you can’t afford to be behind on this trend. Customers should be able to order from you with the click of a button on their smart phone or desktop computer. We can set up an extremely secure E-Commerce solution with top of the line SSL certificates so that you and your customers feel safe. Call us today to find out what options we offer for E-Commerce.

Responsive Web Design
Why us

Brilliant Designs, Even Better Marketing Potential

Our websites maximize your digital marketing potential, so you’re getting maximum value out of your web design budget. The design matters, but the back-end intricacy is the backbone of your overall online marketing efforts.

Our SEO Services

Multiple CMS Development

Whether you prefer WordPress, Drupal, or Joomla, we’ve got you covered. We can also give you recommendations of our favorites.

Always SEO Optimized

We’ll optimize your site from top to bottom so Google users can find you.

Landing Pages

Fully optimized, beautiful landing pages for maximum conversion potential in your SEO & PPC campaigns

Responsive Design

We design sites that are fully compatible on computers, mobile phones, and tablets like the iPad. This means the best user experience for your visitors every time.

UX/UI Design

We’ll improve on your website’s user experience and user interface so your visitors have the best experience and the utmost satisfaction.

Analytics Setup

We can build out an analytics platform on your backend so you can begin tracking your online traffic, revenue, and referrals. We can even build you custom reports!