PPC/Paid Media

If you aren’t investing in PPC (pay per click) and paid media, you’re missing out on a big opportunity in the digital space. PPC is the business model that’s most critical to Google’s bottom line, and your business can greatly benefit from this online channel. Whether you’re wanting to increase sales, get new leads, or simply take your digital marketing efforts into a new dimension, PPC will be a good choice for your business.

Several huge sites on the internet offer paid media placement, including Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn. Through our consultation we can help you pick the best sites to advertise your brand & product at the right budget. The great thing about paid online media is the customization of the campaigns, meaning we can help you put together a specific strategy that’s best for your company. Pay per click gives us the opportunity to target based on specific demographics like location, types of customers, types of websites, types of devices and appearance of ads. Additionally we can set an exact budget for you, down to the cent, so you won’t have to worry about spending more than you need to.

Increased ROI, Lower Cost Per Click

We have a comprehensive paid media & PPC methodology here at SYT digital with incredible attention to detail, which has given us a model that lowers paid advertising costs for our clients and increases sales & ROI (return on investment). We’re not about simply sending people to your website, only to have them leave without taking action. We use our conversion optimization skills to your advantage, and we will optimize your landing pages for maximum sales potential. Your advertising dollars won’t go to waste on our watch.

B2C PPC Marketing

Mobile & Social Media Ad Placement

Mobile devices have some of the fastest conversion rates in online advertising, and social media has quickly become an internet phenomenon. We develop custom campaigns that we’ve seen work to perfection on mobile devices & social media sites. That way your customer targeting is completely on point, and you’re ahead of your competitors.

Our mission

Don’t just drive clicks, drive sales and drive leads.

Our core services

Google Adwords

The most popular and most effective form of pay per click advertising. We’ll handle the setup & management of your campaigns.

Bing Ads

The 2nd biggest search engine can still pack a punch in pay per click ROI. Run a test campaign with us!

Social Media Ads

Pay per click isn’t just limited to search engines – social media platforms offer ad placement options our clients seen great results with.

Landing Page Optimization

We can run conversion tests & optimize your paid landing pages so that when people get there, they take action.

Reporting/Campaign Tracking

We can build custom reports to your liking so you can see exactly how your paid media campaigns are performing.

Display Media & Retargeting

We can design banner ads for you & serve them to specific types of websites all over the internet.